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Jed and Amy ride the Fairdale Weekender May 06 2015

Jed and Amy ride the Fairdale Weekender. Cruise, commute, tour, or just go for a bike ride. The Weekender (shown with Drop bars) is a great bike for just about anything you might have in mind. The 10-speed drivetrain is an absolute joy to ride; just one easy shift lever gives you a full range of gears. Enjoyable simplification for beginner to expert riders. The X7 clutch derailleur quiets down derailleur flop and gives the bike a wonderfully solid ride quality. SRAM levers work perfectly with the BB7 Road disc brakes to provide confident all weather braking. Flat-protected tires will keep you rolling and Electro Silver will keep you stoked to be on board. We REALLY love this bike and we think you will too. Also available with our more relaxed Archer 2 handlebars or as a frame set.

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