Sunday Odyssey GSport Odyssey Fairdale

Sunday Frame Parts

Sunday Frame Parts MSRP: $ 6.99


Replacement parts for Sunday frames. Compatibility as specified.


  • Integrated Chain Tensioners (2x)
    Sold in pairs.
  • Removable 990 Brake Mount #00 (1x)
    For Motoross, Soundwave, or Street Sweeper.
    Sold Individually. Order 2x for complete set.
  • Removable 990 Brake Mount #02 (1x)
    For Broadcaster, Forecaster, and EX.
    Sold Individually. Order 2x for complete set.
  • Bolt-on Cable Guide
    For the Soundwave v2/v3 and Funday 2.1.
    This will NOT fit frames that use the pressure fit cable guide.
  • Pressure Fit Cable Guide
    Fits Sunday frames with cable channel under the top tube.
  • Gyro Tabs (2x)
    Sold in pairs.
  • Gyro Double Cable Stop
    Odyssey London Mod alternative.
    For Sunday complete bike frames and non 41-Thermal aftermarket frames.