Sunday Odyssey GSport Odyssey Fairdale

Odyssey Clutch Pro Freecoaster Hub Parts

Odyssey Clutch Pro Freecoaster Hub Parts

Options MSRP
GSWH-705-07 $7.99 SKU: GSWH-705-07
W-457R-BK $9.99 SKU: W-457R-BK
W-443-06 $9.99 SKU: W-443-06
W-443-07 $1.99 SKU: W-443-07
W-443-09 $6.99 SKU: W-443-09
W-455R-A3 $34.99 SKU: W-455R-A3
W-455R-A7 $9.99 SKU: W-455R-A7
W-455R-A8 $3.50 SKU: W-455R-A8
W-450-07 $16.99 SKU: W-450-07
W-450-08 $16.99 SKU: W-450-08
W-455R-A9 $3.50 SKU: W-455R-A9
W-443-10 $9.99 SKU: W-443-10
W-455R-A4 $44.99 SKU: W-455R-A4
W-455R-A5 $44.99 SKU: W-455R-A5
W-443-16 $6.25 SKU: W-443-16
W-455R-A12 $9.99 SKU: W-455R-A12
W-458R-BK $9.99 SKU: W-458R-BK
W-455R-A1 $9.99 SKU: W-455R-A1
W-455R-A2 $9.99 SKU: W-455R-A2

Replacement parts for Odyssey Clutch Pro Freecoaster Hub.

Parts List

GSWH-705-07: 14mm Axle Bolts (Pair)
W-457R-BK: Non-Drive Side Plastic Hub Guard
W-443-06: Non-Drive Side Collar
W-443-07: Non-Drive Side Circlip
W-443-09: Non-Drive Side 6003-2R2 Sealed Bearing
W-455R-A3: 4130 Chromoly 17mm Female Axle (for 14mm in-bound Bolts)
W-455R-A7: Drag Mechanism and Slack Adjuster Button with Spring
W-455R-A8: Slack Adjuster
W-450-07: RHD Engagement Cone
W-450-08: LHD Engagement Cone
W-455R-A9: Grease Port Screw
W-443-10: Drive Side 7905A Angular Contact Bearing
W-455R-A4: RHD 9t Assembled Driver
W-455R-A5: LHD 9t Assembled Driver
W-443-16: Drive Side K-20x34x14 Needle Roller Bearing
W-455R-A12: Drive Side Collar
W-458R-BK: Drive Side Plastic Hub Guard
W-455R-A1: RHD Hub Shell
W-455R-A2: LHD Hub Shell

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