Sunday Odyssey GSport Odyssey Fairdale

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GSport Roloway Cassette Hub Parts

GSport Roloway Cassette Hub Parts

Options MSRP
14mm Axle Bolts (Pair) $7.99 SKU: GSWH-705-07
Plastic Hub Guard $9.99 SKU: W-442-BK
Alloy Hub Guard $26.99 SKU: W-444-BK
Sealed Bearing $9.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A4
14mm Chromoly Axle $24.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A1
9t RHD/LHD Driver $69.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A2
Drive Side Collar $12.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A3
Drive Side Retainer $5.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A5
Drive Side Circlip $2.99 SKU: GSWH-719R-A6
3pc Pawls and Spring Kit $5.50 SKU: W-420-07

Replacement parts for GSport Roloway Cassette Hub.

Parts List

  • 14mm Axle Bolts (Pair)
  • Hub Guard (Alloy or Plastic)
  • Sealed Bearing (16003)
  • 14mm Chromoly Axle
  • Drive Side Retainer
  • Drive Side Circlip
  • 9t RHD/LHD Switchable Driver (Assembled)
  • 3pc Pawls and Spring Kit
  • Drive Side Collar