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Tokyo to Nagoya: Day 4 September 20 2014

Strava map day 4 part 1, day 4 part 2 Along the ride there was a lot of small road construction zones. There was always a flagger directing traffic and often helping me find where the bike path might pick up again. The flagger guys were always stoked and waving their flag like crazy. Today I found a gravel bike path that wound its way far off the busy highway I was following. I was in the middle of a farmers field with no one around when I came across one guy running a weed whacker and a flagger dude. It seemed so comical to me because we were so far from anyone. The flag guy took it very seriously and waved furiously to have me ride on the far edge of the trail as far as possible from the lonely weed whacker. I laughed for a while about that moment. I would reach Nagoya today and I wasn’t really sure how far it was. I was afraid I might be late so I mostly just sort of powered through the ride. I didn’t see a lot of interesting things and I churned through the ride quite quickly (compared to my ongoing snails pace). I rode into Nagoya around 3pm and straight to Fairdale’s Japan distributor MX Internationals warehouse. They have an impressive place and distro a lot of great brands. I was stoked to see the staff there and I hung out with them for a while happy to talk to them. They were loading up the last minute vans headed to the big party they were throwing the next day. They set me up with a nice hotel room downtown and after a good visit I finished the 9 or so mile ride to my room. I was really surprised how big Nagoya was! It’s a huge city and by far the coolest feeling place I had seen on my trip. The air was fresh and clean and the city was modern and alive. I made it to the hotel and went straight into doing some laundry (as I’d exhausted my meager clothes supply). A little later in the evening all the other invitees started to arrive to the hotel for the party.

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