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Ragbrai day 4 July 24 2012

  Webster City to Marshalltown 77 Miles Today was long and straight. There was a lot of time to just sit back and stare at the bikes that seemed to pass on both sides of us all day long. Some of the bikes were pretty wild race machines with aero bars and bladed carbon wheels. Wildly overdone for this type of ride in my opinion, but who am I to judge? I didn’t pedal one time the whole trip. Miles didn’t fall to fast and the day was mildly uneventful, Lots of talking with great humans, and loads of people on bikes riding through the endless hot cornfields of central Iowa. We heard about a storm that was supposed to be rolling through Marshalltown later in the evening in a town along the way so things had to be taken care of once we grabbed our bag from the gear truck. After making camp and walking through the crowded park watching Logan stub his toe on every tent stake in the place, the weather caused us to hide in the tent the remainder of the evening and listen to the gnarly thunderstorm rage outside.

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