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Leif’s Devil’s Head weekday Weekender Ride September 17 2012

Got my new Kelly Green Weekender on a Wednesday. Put it together with haste rode down to the shop and dialed it in, down to Pablo`s for some coffee and hatched a plan for the next day… My plan was to ride the dirt fire roads 10 miles or so to the hiking trail that led up to the top of DevilsHead fire lookout, lock up the bike and hike up to the top. At the summit I would eat some snacks and cruise back down… so thats what I did! The bike worked awesome, I met some cool chipmunks who I shared a few carrots with (and a piece or two of a sandwich).  In return they made sure i wasn’t eaten by a Mountain Lion. Thanks striped buddies! The weekdays are a good quiet time up in Pike National Forest, chipmunks, black tufted ear squirrels, some blue grouse, a bear if you’re lucky, wild turkeys, Elk, Deer and some weird dude on a green bike. Free camping spots are plentiful in the area, bring a good slingshot too, there`s plenty of granite ammunition for the taking. And when you get to the top of the fire lookout you can see up 100 miles in 360 degrees (on a clear day). Visit Coloradical, ride a bike,don`t start forest fires, say wheeeeeeeeeew! -Leif

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