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Handlebar holders October 02 2015

  Upgrading or updating your grips is a simple way to freshen up your bike. Throwing on some fresh grips can make a bike that’s starting to feel old feel new again. Did I mention that we make grips? We do, and bartape too!   This is our bartape. It has our Swan logo embossed all over it. A while ago we posted some simple instructions on how to wrap your bars. It’s started a total bike nerd debate about the “right” way to wrap bars. A lot of people said you should wrap them the other direction for sprint-induced-bar-twisting. Some people said you should use banana peels! Having a pro do the wrap is what we recommend, but if you do want to do it yourself just remember the tape starts at the bottom of the drop bar and should wrap in opposite directions on either side (which ever direction you choose). Personally I have a pattern where the direction switches when it crosses over the levers and I don’t use those little extra pieces. Grips have about as many install options as bartape but the goal is to just get them onto the bars in a way that doesn’t slip around (that would be dangerous). With an air compressor you can slip them on by pumping air underneath them. I’ve always been a fan of a couple squirts of clear spray paint to kind of glue them on. There’s also the tricky zip-tie trick for installation. Give your bike some love with some new handlebar Hodors.

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