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Fairdale’s Tour of Australia January 11 2012

So let’s see… to be fair Sandy Carson’s bicycle tour of Australia/ New Zealand was before he was actually on the Fairdale team and he’s not actually on a Fairdale. Still, his bike does have a Fairdale sticker on it and he had a great adventure we want to show you. Plus, yes, he is almost officially on the Fairdale team that we are starting of awesome people who ride bikes. Once he signs his contract we’ll give you a good bunch of info on BMX legend/ Austin’s favorite photographer/ veggie powered cyclist Sandy Carson. Check out Sandy’s trip through his photos and words below. Part 2 which covers his New Zealand leg will be here sometime next week- Taj Australia/New Zealand bike tour 2011. I had been sitting on a free ticket to Australia for 2 years and was trying to find a window to cash it in. It was a trade for shooting my good friends Jamie & Meagan’s wedding here in the States. I can’t think of a more epic barter, thanks guys! Besides, it got me off my ass to go back down under since the Federal Bike Bmx tour in 2003. This time I wanted to see the coast and cities on big wheels this time instead of BMX, put some miles in, camp out and be a weirdo with my camera. As It was the tail end of the summer down there and had a small window to do it in, so I booked up for a 3 week solo mission,( 2 in Australia and one in New Zealand). It’s a long trip there, so you might as well make the most of it.  Here are some point n shoot digi pics I shot along the way. My film stuff can be seen on my tumblr page.  Thanks for reading, Now get pedaling. This is all the rubbish I took on the road for 3 weeks. Tent, sleeping pad, 2 panniers with some clothes, waterproofs,  2 cameras, film, some tools and a map, but no cell phone- Stoked! And a gallon of sunscreen cos you know the ozone is amazing down under. Anxiety. That’s a long way over water from LA to OZ, luckily there were no plane crash movies as inflight entertainment. …instead they featured one of my favorite photographers, Chris Jordan. He talked about carbon footprints which seemed ironic since it was shown on a plane. It’s always a good sign to see your bike make it on the other side. On arrival at Adelaide, South Australia, the first thing I did was put my bike together and test ride it against sand and salt water, since it had never seen either. This is my host and good buddy Jamie ‘Chiv’ Moore who owns a killer BMX Distribution –Stowaway. I dare say I would wear a helmet too if I had junk this big! There is so much goin on here.  TheT1 Crew were staying at Jamie’s and parting down on their […]

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