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Day 9 / Austin To New Orleans Ride May 24 2015

The crew arrived in New Orleans today! I’m really impressed. Two riders who had never done a multi-day day tour like this just hopped on bikes and rode across a big chunk of the country. Hopefully it inspires other people to get out there and experience some of the fun. It’s such a cool way to travel. All in all the ladies pedaled 532 Miles… enjoy a final day wrap up from the crew below.  From Liz: Thinking back on today is almost a blur. I was so set on arriving in New Orleans today it was difficult to focus on taking in the sites. We got an early start this morning in order to finish early in New Orleans. It was still hot by 10am. Emily got a bit sunburned. The last long stretch of the day we spent on the Mississippi Trail, a lovely little paved trail that runs along the Mississippi River. Every day we ride, the last 10 miles seem to be the toughest. It was a great way to finish the day. Now it’s all over! We will enjoy New Orleans and go back to a regularly scheduled lives next week. From Phil: The last day really dragged on. We were so close but so far away. The road to New Orleans was a straight open road with no shade. As we got closer to the city we passed the industrial district where oil or gas get converted or filtered. It wasn’t exactly a big welcome sight to the city, but we creeped into it slowly but surly. I parked the van and pedaled to the French Quarter with the girls as we approached the finish point of the trip. The intersection of Bourbon and Orleans seemed like the appropriate finish line to the journey. We only had one flat on the whole trip! We all got along well and got to know each other’s weird and quirky habits. I managed to get some good photos and make some cool memories. Maybe someone out there will get inspired and do something positive! No one made us do this trip or told me I had to plan one. It was all an idea that Liz and I had and the group approved it. Glad to be a part of such a progressive team willing to support things like this trip. We all like riding bikes and I hope it shows! I wanna say thanks to the crew in the office for holding it down and letting me go on this trip and Taj for being down with the plan that we came up with! Thanks to all the bikes shops that support us. Shout out to Fletcher Bike Studio holding it down in Houston those guys rule!   From Emily: Today was just long enough for me to reflect on the immense gratitude I have felt over the past week. First and foremost, for Liz, my amazing partner that encouraged me to go on this wild adventure […]

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