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Adventure in a box: Day 5 North of Honolua Bay, through Lahaina to Paia April 14 2014

What a night with the rain, but waking up to one hell of a view is a great way to start the day.  I took some time to enjoy the desolate road, and to marvel at the landscape and the open ocean stretching as far as the eye could see.  From here I made my way towards Honolua Bay. With all the rain it was a little too brackish for decent swimming but made my way down a muddy path and carried my bike through a fast moving creek, justifying the decision to roll the dice carrying a bike with a camera across this by telling myself the tires needed to get washed off anyway. The forest here was out of this world, so I climbed a tree and kicked it for a bit.  Shot a couple photos and got back on the road.  Continuing the journey towards Lahaina, I wrapped around a corner and saw my world was about to change.  I’d been seeing a lot of natural beauty the past few days, and the sight I saw wrapping around a left hand corner was a towering contrast that couldn’t be ignored.  Massive four star hotels and perfectly manicured golf courses that didn’t seem to fit in with the landscape. Entering Lahaina I was forced to stop to fix the first of two flats for the day, but flatted out in a spot with a view, so no complaints there.  From here I made my way towards Lahaina’s front street bustling with shops, tourists, and a few interesting characters I passed.  After a nice ocean swim and some time to enjoy the day, it was getting towards that time where I had to reluctantly acknowledge that day 5 was halfway through and I needed to start the grind back to where I’d started. After a few last photos to remember the trip by, I began the against the wind pedal back towards where I’d started, and where the airport is located.  It had been a super fun last five days, and thanks to Fairdale for the opportunity to go on the ride.   -Ryan Worcester.

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