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2017 Bikes Available Now! August 15 2016

At Fairdale, we strive to make simple and reliable bicycles to complement the styles of riding that we love to do. We make bikes because we want to be able to share the joy of a simple ride with you. You’ll find us doing everything from long road rides, to commuting, touring or just casually cruising around town. Our bikes have been designed from the ground up to make riding as hassle-free as possible, so you can easily grab on to that special feeling that only riding a bike can give. For 2017 our line-up is even more polished than before, so whether you want to cruise on a Taj or Flyer, go shopping with your Daybird, do a quick commute with your Lookfar, go touring with your Weekender, or ride 100 miles of rolling hills with a Goodship, we have you covered. We know that you’re going to love this year’s bikes as much as we do. Enjoy! Fairdale Bikes / 2017 Line-up 2017 Flyer 2017 Lookfar 2017 Daybird 2017 Daybird / Step-Thru 2017 Taj 2017 Weekender / Archer 2017 Weekender / Archer x Biltwell 2017 Weekender / Drop Bar 2017 Goodship

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