26 Nov Trans Series Freeze Stems by Full Factory

We’ve got brand new Trans Series Sunday Freeze stems in the colors you see above. We hit our polished Freeze stems with nice Trans paint which makes for a rad looking stem. This is a great stem for the price, which explains why they sell so well.

We also have other great new stuff in, call us up!

19 Nov Linear Slic Kable Test Video by Full Factory

Odyssey Linear Slic Kables = The best.

18 Nov Full Factory Holiday Sale by Full Factory

The Holidays are coming around and you need to fill your store with great products for the people. We’ve got a bunch of great stuff on sale right now! If we don’t get to you first, please call up to get the details on our current sale, as there is a lot of great stuff at reduced prices.

TEL: (512) 382-9973
FAX: (512) 297-2476
EMAIL: info@fullfactorydistro.com

Please Call: (562) 623-9995

17 Nov Odyssey BMX – Ride To Glory Video by Full Factory

Sean Sexton, Broc Raiford, Lloyd Wright, Mike Taylor and Matt Nordstrom went on this years Ride To Glory trip for Ride UK and the video came out sick. Watch it then go vote for Odyssey HERE.

13 Nov Toys For Tots Jam! by Full Factory

The 2nd Annual Full Factory Toys For Tots Jam is coming up next month. If you like fun and riding a bunch of ramps, rails and grind boxes, then come on down.

Be sure to bring a new toy (that will go to Toys For Tots) and your helmet. No Toy, No Helmet, No Ride.

13 Nov Galaxy Softgoods by Full Factory

Here’s Barney sporting the new Galaxy crew neck sweatshirts we just got in. It’s cold, so come and get them. We also have some hats available too.

7 Nov Odyssey Brake Cable Guide by Full Factory

Click HERE for a handy brake cable guide. This guide breaks down all the Odyssey cables and their respective features.

5 Nov RE-UP: Pleg 2 Promo by Full Factory

Here is a RE-UP of the Gsport PLEG 2 promo which features Broc Raiford. The PLEG 2 is available now and should be a common item in your shop.

The Pleg 2 features a completely re-designed 7075 aluminum core and proprietary plastic sleeve. This new design allows for a smaller overall peg diameter and substantially increases stiffness. The Pleg 2 core runs 3/4′s of the length of the sleeve so direct damage to the core’s end can be avoided, simplifying sleeve removal and maintaining socket fit.

The Pleg 2 is a lightweight peg with significant sleeve thickness for a longer grind life. The proprietary plastic peg is a solid plastic with minimal steel sleeve. Light, fast and cheap. Unlike other plastic pegs, the Plegs are fast on ALL surfaces, and open up new surfaces compared to the limitations of traditional steel pegs. You can also run four Plegs for almost the same weight as two lightweight steel pegs.

28 Oct Erik Elstran! by Full Factory

This new Erik Elstran video for Sunday Bikes is as awesome as one would expect from Erik.

28 Oct New Sunday Frames in Stock. by Full Factory

New 2015 Soundwave and Radocaster frames in stock now. Call us up for details.