Sunday Odyssey GSport Odyssey Fairdale

Odyssey Quik Slic Kable® White or Vapor Blue

Odyssey Quik Slic Kable® White or Vapor Blue MSRP: $ 9.90

Options MSRP
Long (100mm) - White $9.90 SKU: B-195-WHT
Long (100mm) - Vapor Blue $9.90 SKU: B-195-VBLU
Medium (90mm) - White $9.90 SKU: B-196-WHT

The Quick Slic Kable® design eliminates flex in the straddle cable caused by bends, and the over or under-tightening of pinch bolts, resulting in snapped or slipping cables. It also saves money over machined straddle hangers that can look cool, but ultimately add a lot of flex. Its installation and removal on compatible frames and components is effortless.


1. A “traditional” lever with a slotted barrel adjuster.

2. A brake with open ended arms (Odyssey, Fly Bikes, Dia-Tech, Bicycle Union, Proper, Superstar, etc.).

3. A brake boss to cable stop distance of 245mm, +10/-20. (measured from the center of the boss to the center of the cable stop).

4. A split cable guide and a split cable stop (which can often be easily modified if they are closed).

Seeing as this cable will have a fixed length, many people ask about this. The Quik Slic Kable® will be available with adequate housing to comfortably spin the bars all-the-way around once.