Sunday Odyssey GSport Odyssey Fairdale

Odyssey HGS Spokes Black

Odyssey HGS Spokes Black MSRP: $ 22.99

Options MSRP
178mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-178/14G-BK
180mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-180/14G-BK
182mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-182/14G-BK
184mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-184/14G-BK
186mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-186/14G-BK
188mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-188/14G-BK
192mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-192/14G-BK
234mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-334/14G-BK
237mm Black $22.99 SKU: WS-337/14G-BK

Straight gauge spokes with a proprietary grade of stainless steel that is as good or better than the materials used by the world’s most renowned spoke makers.

Key Features

  • 14 Gauge
  • Proprietary grade stainless steel
  • Sized and dimensioned specifically for BMX 20" and 24" builds
  • 40 per tube
  • Silver brass nipples included


  • 178mm length
  • 180mm length
  • 182mm length
  • 184mm length
  • 186mm length
  • 188mm length
  • 192mm length
  • 234mm length
  • 237mm length