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Odyssey Aitken Tire K-Lyte

Odyssey Aitken Tire K-Lyte MSRP: $ 47.99

Options MSRP
2.25" Black $47.99 SKU: T-188-KBK

Now available in Odyssey's lightweight and foldable K-Lyte option.

Mike Aitken's signature tire. This is the go-to tire for riders wanting to emulate Mike’s legacy as an all-around shredder.

Low profile treads makes this a fast, versatile tire that can be used on any terrain. Whether you’re riding street, dirt, or park, this tire can do it all - just like Mike.

Key Features

  • Mike Aitken signature
  • Lightweight K-Lyte with Kevlar Bead
  • Low profile tread for any terrain
  • Micro-knurling for extra grip
  • High pressure (100 PSI)
  • Stronger street inspired dual-ply sidewall


  • 20x2.25" K-Lyte