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Fairdale Spaceship Titanium Frame and ENVE Fork Kit Mechanical or Electric

Fairdale Spaceship Titanium Frame and ENVE Fork Kit Mechanical or Electric

Options MSRP
54cm (Mechanical) $1,999.00 SKU: FDFR-962-RAW
56cm (Mechanical) $1,999.00 SKU: FDFR-963-RAW
58cm (Mechanical) $1,999.00 SKU: FDFR-964-RAW
54cm (Electric) $1,999.00 SKU: FDFR-966-RAW
56cm (Electric) $1,499.00 SKU: FDFR-967-RAW
58cm (Electric) $1,999.00 SKU: FDFR-968-RAW

From R&D to Limited Edition

Titanium is a great material for high-performance bike frames and in the fall of 2016, Fairdale had an opportunity to make their own using custom drawn 3/2.5 titanium tube sets.  They decided to go for it, and what began as a fun R&D project is now a reality.

In the past Fairdale had always talked about some of the higher-end bikes being like “spaceships”, so using that term for the project’s code name was a given.  When it came time to name the frame officially, the Spaceship moniker had morphed into more of a term of endearment and it stuck.

For the Spaceship, Fairdale started with the Goodship’s proven road geometry and modified the tubing shape and sizes for titanium.  The frame is paired with an Enve 2.0 road fork with the 1-1/4” tapered steerer tube, both for the increased strength, and the smoother transitions from the fork crown to the lower head tube, and upward to the headset cap on top.

The Spaceship is available now for mechanical and electric (pictured) groupsets.


If you own, or plan to purchase, one of Fairdale's Goodship bikes, the mechanical version of the Spaceship is the perfect upgrade.  The only other part you'll need is a 30mm press-fit bottom-bracket.

With the Spaceship kit MAP at $1,999 and previous model Goodship bikes on sale starting at $1,199, your customer can build their own titanium road bike today for around $3,199.