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17 Feb New Odyssey Softgoods! by Full Factory

We’ve got brand new Odyssey softgoods available now and ready to go! Check them out in the look book then hit us up.

20 May GARY YOUNG WINS!!!!! by bobbyp

We are so stoked that Gary Young won X-Games park in Barcelona that we decided to put every signature Gary Young part on sale for 10% off!!!!  Everything from his Principal seat, GY3 handlebars and ALL of his 2013 Sunday completes!  This 10% off is in addition to any current sale prices!  This 10% off sale will last until the end of the month, so act fast! 

5 Oct New Odyssey parts shipping now!! by bobbyp

We have a ton of new Odyssey parts in stock and shipping now!!  Chase Hawk tires, new Aaron Ross grip colors, Antigram hubs, Quadrant hubs and complete wheels, Eric L Sandbars, Lumberjack XL’s….the list could go on and on!!  Make sure to click around on the Full Factory online store and grab all of these new parts from Odyssey.


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13 Aug Sneaky sneaky… by bobbyp

For anyone that frequents The Merged, a product based blog out of the UK, might have seen a few of the upcoming new products Odyssey has in store.  One of these new goodies is the Thunderbolt Socket drive cranks.  These cranks feature a 9 sided “socket drive” system compatible with Odyssey’s new Killington sprocket.  If you want to hear some first hand experience about the Socket Drive Thunderbolt cranks give our new guy Mike a call!  Mike was one of the selected few to give this set up the long haul test.  Maybe it is because of his ability to do turndowns.  Or maybe it is because he ramps really high.  Either way, these new parts and more will be available through Full Factory in a very short time.  Give us a call to catch up on all of the new Odyssey, Sunday, and G-Sport  products on the horizon.  512-382-9973.

7 Aug Back to school soft goods shipping now! by bobbyp

We have all of the awesome back to school line from both Odyssey and Sunday in stock and shipping now!  Don’t have time to call?  Check out the online store for all of our latest in apparel.

18 May Odyssey summer softgoods by bobbyp

In case you missed them, here are the new summer time softgoods from Odyssey.  We have all of these shirts and hats in stock and available for purchase off of our online store.  Or you can always give us a call at 512-382-9973 to hear about our t-shirt sale!

16 May New summer time shirts! by bobbyp

We have the new Sunday and Odyssey t-shirts and hats in stock now!  Hit up the Full Factory online store to order the Summer softgoods line for your shop.  Check out the Sunday site to see additional images of the PRO team modeling the new hats while on their team trip in Atlanta.

26 Apr Aerospace rims shipping now! by bobbyp

Everyone remembers when Logan got a new wheel set, right?  The Aerospace rims from Odyssey are now in stock and shipping to bike shops everywhere.  Logan has been riding these rims front AND REAR since December with zero issues.  The next time you place an order with Logan, ask him how many times he has cased a double and rolled away with a straight wheel.  If you are looking for a good quality aero shaped 20″ rim for your bike shop, the Aerospace rim is the answer.    Available in Chrome, Metalic Silver, Deep Purple, Anodized Silver (a raw look) and Hard Anno Black.

8 Mar We have it all!!! by bobbyp

Full Factory is your one stop shop for all the great limited edition colored parts offered by Odyssey.  We stock EVERY PART that is available in any limited edition color that Odyssey releases.  Don’t waste your time shopping around trying to build up a whole kit.  Give either myself or Logan a call to grab the entire Metallic Silver kit today!  Looking for an older limited edition color that you can’t find anymore?  We still might have some left!  Call or visit our online store to grab the Metallic Silver color from Odyssey.

14 Feb You can look cool too. by bobbyp


The entire Odyssey team is out in Palm Springs for the week soaking up the California sun.  Here they are modeling the newest t-shirts from Odyssey.  Head over to our online store to pick up these new shirts.  Make sure to follow the Odyssey site to keep up on their trip.