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25 Mar Fairdale R&D by Full Factory

Taj Mihelich and Leif Valin demonstrate their R&D process in this new Fairdale video. No corgis were harmed in the process.

For more on Fairdale bikes, gives us a call!

31 Jan Fairdale Friday: The Goodship by bobbyp

Have you had a chance to check out the new Fairdale Goodship?  Head over to the Fairdale site and take a closer look.  This is one classic steel road frame that will go fast.  Everyone at Full Factory is very excited to see this bike grow from prototype to production.

3 Jan Fairdale Fridays: Bikes are fun by bobbyp

Chances are if you are visiting this blog in some way, shape or form you enjoy bicycles.  It is the conduit that brings us together.  No matter where your cycling background started, a casual cruise down Anywhere St. can almost have a medicinal effect on the mind and body.  This brings me into our next Fairdale Friday, “Bikes are fun.”  Read more about how Fairdale is the perfect fit for any type of bike shop.

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27 Dec Fairdale Fridays by bobbyp

Today we celebrate the first #FairdaleFriday by talking about Fairdales.  More specifically, Fairdale frame sets.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Fairdale frames are expected to arrive the end of January.  The same quality frames that come on the complete bikes will now be offered as frame sets.  Each frame set will be available in the same color options as the complete bike as well as a limited edition colorway only offered in the frame sets.

Give us a call to pre-order any of the new frame sets from Fairdale.

Click here to read more about the new frame set options from Fairdale Bikes.

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9 Dec New Fairdale Parts!!! by bobbyp


If you frequent the Fairdale blog, you have no doubt seen all of the awesome accessories Fairdale has been working on.  The Cruiser saddle truly earns its namesake by providing you with a cushy and wide base for comfortable cruises.  But if you have the need for speed, the Fairdale Logo saddle might be more up your alley.  With a slimmer base this saddle is faster than Monty’s aero helmet.  The office favorite has been the new Fairdale headsets.  Three different top caps ship out at random to add to the excitement.  When has buying a headset been this thrilling?! 

28 Oct East Coast Warehouse blowout sale!!! by bobbyp

All remaining 2013 Sunday and Fairdale complete bikes left at our East Coast warehouse must go!!!  Give us a call to find out how ridiculous of a deal these bikes are.  We have Weekenders and XL Coasters from Fairdale and we have a few models of Primers and EX Sunday completes.  These bikes are moving fast.  Take advantage of this deal now to have these bikes for your shop’s Black Friday Sale! 

6 Aug Every pedal moves you closer… by bobbyp

Sometimes when I introduce Fairdale to someone for the first time I find it difficult to fully describe what it represents as a brand.  I feel that labeling Fairdale as Full Factory’s “adult line” of bicycles is a very unjust description.  To all of us here it is so much more than just another bike brand.  We hope that you can take some time and read what Taj has written about what Fairdale means to him.  Everyone at Full Factory wholeheartedly shares Taj’s sentiment about bicycles.

“We’re not trying to make every bike for everyone in every situation, we’re trying to make bikes that will help you fall in love with bikes. -Taj” 

1 Aug Complete bike sale! by bobbyp

We have complete bikes from Sunday and Fairdale on sale now!  We have some great dealer incentives on our complete bikes right now with 5 bikes at 1/2 price freight and 15 bikes free freight.  Keep in mind any combination of Sunday or Fairdale completes can be combined to reach the shipping incentives.  Give us a call or send an email for full information.   It has never been a better time to introduce Fairdale to your customers.

14 Nov Fairdale Flyer First Impression by bobbyp

Bicycle Times recently received a Fairdale Flyer for a “90 day test.”  Click this link to read about their first impressions of the Flyer.

All Fairdales are in stock and shipping now!!  We offer a shipping incentive of 10 bikes at 1/2 price freight and 15 bikes at free freight.  On top of that, we allow the combination of both Sunday and Fairdale complete bikes to reach the freight incentives! 

17 Sep Come see us at the show! by bobbyp

Taj and Bobby will be holding down the duties at the Fairdale booth at the 2012 Interbike Trade Show.  Swing by to check out some doodles of bunnies, look at some of the Fairdales and maybe leave with a patch or a hat.  Sounds like a deal!  Come see us at BOOTH #27119.