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3 Jun Jacob Cable & Travis Hughes by Full Factory

Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes are the newest AM riders for Odyssey. They’re young and they kick ass. Have a look at their setups then watch the video below.

31 Oct Bobby’s Funday 2 by Full Factory

Here is a chance for you to take a look at what your sales reps are riding for their personal bikes.  Here is my personal full freestyle rig.  A 21″ Funday 2 frame built up with my favorite Sunday, G-Sport and Odyssey components.  Read more to see the full parts list and detailed images of the bike.


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9 May Francis D rocks metallic silver by Full Factory

The entire Metallic Silver kit from Odyssey is in stock at Full Factory right now!  This awesome color is an office favorite.  So much so that when our web guy/filmer/photographer/driver/wild card, Francis Delepena decided to build a new bike he threw on some Metallic Silver parts to spice things up a bit.  When not busy making videos like this one or this one, Francis can be found shredding the streets and skateparks of Boise, ID on a Sunday Forecaster built up with Odyssey and G-Sport parts.  Read more to see the full parts list of this bike as well as seeing Francis action.

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18 Apr Mike Miller Bike Check by Full Factory

Props filmed this bike check for Mike Miller when the Proper guys were visiting Austin a few weeks back. Here is Mikes new TTL frame with all sorts of Proper and Odyssey parts. The 2011 TTL frame will be available through Full Factory in a few short weeks! If you are interested in this frame give us a call to put one on backorder to insure your shop gets one before they sell out. A big thanks goes to our new friend Brian that we met at the Irving, Texas skatepark for helping Mike out with his bike check!

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