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23 Apr Banana Wax Promo via Big Toys Shop from Sunday

Big Toys Shop from the Ukraine came through with a little promo for our Banana Wax.   It’s very rad to see guys shredding all over the world.  Thanks again for the promo video.

20 Apr BIKE CHECK – Gary Young’s Soundwave from Sunday

Gary Young’s bike looks may look like it’s been put through hell, but it’s a Soundwave so you know it can take it. This frame is the highest quality and most durable frame that we’ve ever made.  It comes with some Sunday firsts like hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners, post-machine welding of the BB/HT and Wave Tubing on the top and down tubes.  Plus it is all backed by the 41 Thermal Lifetime Warranty.  Choose wisely!

Gary Young’s Soundwave Parts List

FRAME: Sunday Soundwave 21″
FORK:  Odyssey R-32
BARS:  Odyssey GY3
GRIPS:  Odyssey Gary Young 2
STEM:  Odyssey Lincoln
HEADSET: Odyssey
SEAT:  Odyssey Principle
SEAT POST:  Odyssey
SEAT CLAMP:  Odyssey
CRANKS:  Odyssey Thunderbolt
SPROCKET: Odyssey C-512
CHAIN:  Odyssey
FRONT HUB:  Odyssey Antigram
FRONT RIM:  Odyssey Aerospace
FRONT TIRE:  Odyssey Aaron Ross
REAR HUB: Odyssey Antigram
REAR RIM:  Odyssey Aerospace
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Chase Hawk
Brake Lever:  NONE
Brake: NONE
Brake Cable: NONE


18 Apr VIDEO – Gary Young for Odyssey from Sunday

Gary Young view on riding and spots is very unique. Compare this Odyssey grip promo along with his Vision 2 video to other riders out there and it will stand out. This may be a promo, but it totally rips.

16 Apr Texas BMX Round Up from Sunday


Do you live near Austin?  Do you want to check out Aaron Ross’ personal bike collection? Then you will want to go to the Texas BMX Round Up held behind Empire BMX on April 26th & 27th.  It will seriously be amazing seeing Aaron’ whole collection together.

14 Apr VIDEO – Welcome to the Team Lukas Häusler from Sunday

Our German team is stacking up nicely with the addition of Lukas Häusler to the squad. This video is full of smooth lines and good tricks. How good is the way he gets out of backwards crooked grinds? His feeble to snaggletooth is awesome too. Welcome to the team Lukas! We are stoked!  Filmed and edited by Timm Wiegmann.

10 Apr Wheel Mill 1 Year Anniversary Jam from Sunday


The Wheel Mill is celebrating their 1 year anniversary of their opening the only way they know how and that is with a huge jam! The Big 1 Year Jam is happening April 26th, so if you’re in or around Pittsburgh you should be there.  Check below for address and directions.

The Wheel Mill
6815 Hamilton Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

9 Apr Sunday at Gordy’s via ESPN from Sunday


ESPN stopped by our shop stop at Gordy’s Bicycles in Phoenix last week to shoot some photos and hang out with Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran and Mark Burnett. Check out their full story HERE.

9 Apr PHOTO: Alex Magallan switches it up! from Sunday


Alex Magallan goes switch for Wallride Wednesday.  If you’ve paid attention to Alex’s riding over the years, there’s a good chance that you will see him riding a spot that you’ve never seen before. Here’s some random under a bridge spot that Alex probably found while exploring Tennessee.  Photo by Nathan Magallan.

8 Apr New 18″ frame prototype photo from Sunday

Photo Apr 04, 5 42 33 PM

If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not notice that there are so many young kids riding BMX these days.  So many that we’ve decided to offer a full chromoly 18″ frame called the Radocaster.  It will have the same geometry as our Primer 18 complete bike and it will come with hollow dropouts and removable brake mounts.  There will also be a full chromoly 18″ fork as well.  Look for the frame and fork to be available late summer/early fall.

Look for Saker Cranks to be offered in sizes for 18″ bikes by summer.

Here’s the geomoetry

Radocaster Geometry

  • HEAD TUBE ANGLE: 74.5°
  • STANDOVER: 7.5”

6 Apr Aaron Ross MotoRoss Bike Check from Sunday

Let’s do this one, here is Aaron Ross’ new Black Splatter MotoRoss bike check. His bikes are always creative and unique with this one being no exception. There’s lots of photos, so you will be able to see all the Odyssey and Sunday parts listed in the list below.

MOTOROSS UPDATE!! This frame is shipping to us right now which will make it available at the very end of this month/very early May. Take a closer look HERE.

Aaron Ross MotoRoss Parts List
Frame: Sunday MotoRoss 20.75 Splatter
Fork: Odyssey R-32
Bars: Odyssey Double Spacebars
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Odyssey Lincoln
Grips: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 175mm RHD
Sprocket: Odyssey Chase Hawk
Chain: Odyssey Key Chain prototype
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Seat Clamp: Sunday Slim
Seat Post: Odyssey Tripod
Seat: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Front Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lites
Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram
Front Tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross Big Logo
Rear Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lites
Rear Hub: Odyssey Freecoaster prototype
Rear Tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross Big Logo
Brakes: Odyssey EVO II
Brake Cable: Odysey Quik Slic
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever