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24 Oct Erik Elstran 2014 from Sunday

Elstran might not be able to double peg grind, but he sure can dance. This new one from the world traveler and 90′s pop extraordinaire is absolutely unreal and will definitely leave you saying WTF? almost as many times as you would if you’re ever lucky enough to spend some time with him. Thank you based god.

– Mark Burnett

19 Oct Sunday Bikes Bunnyhop Challenge at #TexasToast2014 from Sunday

Our Sunday Bikes Bunnyhop Challenge happened yesterday at #TexasToast2014 and Broc Raiford successfully defended his title with a 49 inch hop! This would make it his 4th win in a row and an extra $500 in his pocket. Watch the video in sloooowwww-mo and check out that technique!

10 Oct Video – Sunday UK 2014 Shop Stops from Sunday

You may have seen our UK tour video a few weeks ago. Well, when Gary Young, Chris Childs, and Mark Burnett weren’t out riding street in the rain they were visiting four rad UK shops – Foundation BMX, Broadribb Cycles, Waller BMX, and The BMX Box – and riding with all the awesome locals we met out there. There was too much good footage from the shop stops not to make another video, so here you go!

- Walter Pieringer

27 Sep [RE UP] Chris Childs Welcome to Sunday Video! from Sunday

Chris Childs is currently out with a broken collarbone, what better time to re-watch his awesome Welcome to Sunday video that dropped last year? Chris has a style and energy all his own, so watch this right now if you missed it.

15 Sep SUNDAY IN UK VIDEO by Full Factory

This is awesome. Gary Young, Mark Burnett, Chris Childs and Danny Stanzl (UK rider) shredding the UK. Enjoy!

14 Sep Video – Sunday UK 2014 from Sunday

The thing about England is it rains a lot. In fact, it rained on us almost every day we were there, but we would not be deterred. Gary Young, Chris Childs, Mark Burnett, and our UK guy Danny Stanzl made the most of it and still managed to ride everything: street, parks, trails, you name it the dudes killed it. Hell, Mark was even doing rail rides down stairs in the rain. Enjoy, and expect a video from our shop stops soonish.

- Walter Pieringer

12 Sep Gary Young – Video and Bike Check from Sunday

Gary Young hooked us up with some sweetness for this video. Watch his new Soundwave build itself (and even pump its own tires). Afterwards, your eyeballs are in for a treat with timeless Gary footage.

Video clips by Ryan Fudger.

FRAME: Sunday Soundwave 20.75″
FORK: Odyssey R-32
BARS: Odyssey Double space bar
GRIPS: Odyssey Gary Young 2
STEM: Odyssey Sexton
HEADSET: Odyssey
SEAT: Odyssey Monogram, Tripod
SEAT POST: Odyssey Tripod
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt 170mm
SPROCKET: Sunday Sabretooth
CHAIN: Odyssey Keychain

11 Sep Sunday @ Interbike 2014 (via Vital BMX) from Sunday

Vital stopped by our booth at Interbike this year and chatted with Jim Bauer about some of the new stuff we’ll be offering.

10 Sep Aaron Ross – MotoRoss Video Bike Check from Sunday

Aaron Ross’ new Orange Soda MotoRoss build is looking better than ever. Hit that play button above and check out the photos below for proof.

FRAME: Sunday MotoRoss
FORK: Odyssey R32
BARS: Odyssey Aaron Ross Double Space Bar
STEM: Odyssey Lincoln Stem
GRIPS: Odyssey Aaron Ross
BAR ENDS: Odyssey
HEADSET: Odyssey
SEAT: Odyssey Aaron Ross signature
SEAT POST: Odyssey Tripod
CRANKS: Odyssey
SPROCKET: Odyssey Fang
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
FRONT TIRE: Odyssey Aaron Ross Keyboard Tire, 2.35″
FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey A+ Wheel
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Aaron Ross Keyboard Tire 2.10″
REAR WHEEL: Odyssey Prototype Freecoaster laced to Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted
PEGS: G-Sport Plegs

6 Sep Print Ad: Erik Elstran from Sunday


Here’s our latest print ad featuring Erik Elstran with a big ‘ol flatty along with his new 2015 signature EX complete, which is available now. Click the ad to see it bigger.

As seen in Ride UK.