Viewing: Sunday

21 Nov Aaron Ross – S1 Helmets from Sunday

Aaron can ride pretty much everything.

19 Nov Welcome TJ Luther! from Sunday

TJ Luther

We’re excited to announce TJ Luther is now a part of the Sunday flow team! Mark Burnett had this to say about his new teammate:

TJ and I have been acquainted for quite some time. Back in the day we were just young kids from the East Coast who enjoyed each other’s riding. Fast forward a few years to when we finally met and I knew he was something else. The kid is unbelievable on a bike and if you want to see for yourself just watch a few videos on his Instagram. Welcome to the team dude, stoked.

TJ is 17 and from a place called Barnegat, New Jersey. He rides a 2015 Broadcaster with Broadcaster bars, Octave forks, and other assorted Sunday goodies. Welcome to the team TJ!

13 Nov [RE-UP] Jake Seeley & Erik Elstran Split Video from Sunday

Here’s a RE-UP of Jake and Erik’s split video that we dropped on April 1st of this year. You will definitely watch this more than once.

10 Nov Chris Childs – Merritt Tasers Teaser / Feature from Sunday



That is a very highly accurate statement when it comes to watching the Chris Childs show. Just look at that picture. That is one big gap to be launching when you’re roughly 75% naked. Click on over to for a feature on the recent Merritt Tasers trip.

6 Nov Sunday Team @ Texas Toast 2014 from Sunday

Here’s a little throwback Thursday to TexasToast2014. Watch Mark Burnett, Paul Shariff and Jake Seeley throw down some moves out in the street course during practice and the actual contest. Be prepared for some combos!

4 Nov Tuerk’d With Aaron Ross from Sunday

There’s not much riding in this one but it will make you want to get in a car and spin some donuts somewhere. In the end, Aaron jumps over one of the drift cars with plenty of room to spare.

31 Oct [RE-UP] Aaron Ross in MotoRoss from Sunday

Remember that time when Aaron fakie’d his way up a rail? Or that other time when he oopo-360′d and nollie 360′d down a giant stair set? Well if you don’t, hit play to refresh your brain bit and if you do, hit play ’cause those clips are just flat out awesome and deserve another viewing.

His MotoRoss Frame now comes in Orange with Black Splatter and Kelly Green or if you just want to get a completely new bike, check out his 2015 PRO and 2015 AM Plus completes.

24 Oct Erik Elstran 2014 from Sunday

Elstran might not be able to double peg grind, but he sure can dance. This new one from the world traveler and 90′s pop extraordinaire is absolutely unreal and will definitely leave you saying WTF? almost as many times as you would if you’re ever lucky enough to spend some time with him. Thank you based god.

– Mark Burnett

19 Oct Sunday Bikes Bunnyhop Challenge at #TexasToast2014 from Sunday

Our Sunday Bikes Bunnyhop Challenge happened yesterday at #TexasToast2014 and Broc Raiford successfully defended his title with a 49 inch hop! This would make it his 4th win in a row and an extra $500 in his pocket. Watch the video in sloooowwww-mo and check out that technique!

10 Oct Video – Sunday UK 2014 Shop Stops from Sunday

You may have seen our UK tour video a few weeks ago. Well, when Gary Young, Chris Childs, and Mark Burnett weren’t out riding street in the rain they were visiting four rad UK shops – Foundation BMX, Broadribb Cycles, Waller BMX, and The BMX Box – and riding with all the awesome locals we met out there. There was too much good footage from the shop stops not to make another video, so here you go!

- Walter Pieringer