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28 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Dig BMX from Odyssey

Hit play to watch Dig‘s account of the weekend!

28 Oct #TexasToast2014 – A Bone Deth Weekend from Odyssey


The Bone Deth crew is an entertaining and fascinating bunch. Having them at Toast to share their brand of ‘weird’ antics and off-the-wall riding was definitely welcomed. They threw a kick off party with bone babes wrestling in green slime and one of their riders, Colt Fake, came through with one of the best runs of the street contest. Colt may not have been officially registered in the event but he was definitely registered to get rad.

To get the full account of their weekend, click on over to

27 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Mongoose / Greg Illingworth from Odyssey

It’s always a treat whenever Greg hits the street course. It’s almost guaranteed that he’ll be blasting everything and he definitely delivered at this year’s event.

27 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Snakebite Gallery from Odyssey


Snakebite has a gallery up from Texas Toast and you can click on over to check it out. While you’re there, make sure to explore a little bit, too. They have a great compilation of classic BMX radness.

View the full gallery at Snakebite »

27 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Dig Photogallery #2 from Odyssey


Just spotted this after hours cave man photo on the new Dig website! I was waiting for somebody to do this trick all weekend and I guess the Robby Nelson got it done after the contest!

View the full gallery at »

24 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Street Finals from TCU from Odyssey

Watch the street finals as seen through the lens of Charlie Crumlish. There’s even some bonus Corey Walsh Gauntlet of Death action at the end!

24 Oct #TexasToast2014 – The Union Photogallery from Odyssey

Broc Raiford - Pegs to Hard 360 Over

Click on over to The Union to check out some snaps from Toast.

View the full gallery at The Union »

24 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Mic’d up with Ryan Nyquist from Odyssey


“360, man. Can you 180? It’s just two of them.” – Ryan Nyquist

Click that more link to watch.

24 Oct #TexasToast2014 – 2014 in Review by Stew Johnson from Odyssey


Stew Johnson talks with some riders and gets their opinions and thoughts on this year’s event. There’s also plenty of good riding footage thrown into the mix as well. Click that more link to watch.

22 Oct #TexasToast2014 – Haro Bikes from Odyssey

The Haro boys represented hard at Texas Toast 2014. Matt Cordova got the weekend started with the Credence Cow Bell Challenge win. Casey Smith rode in the Veteran class jam and won the Vet high air contest. And finally Dennis Enarson wrapped up the weekend qualifying first and then winning the final at the Street comp for the second year in a row.