Viewing: Odyssey

14 Sep Grant Germain – Small Talk from Odyssey

If you haven’t seen Grant’s awesome SMALL TALK part, you’re in luck! It has hit the internets.

11 Sep Odyssey @ Interbike (via Vital BMX) from Odyssey

We brought some great stuff to Interbike this year. Hit play to get the sneak peek!

6 Sep Meet Dugan, Sexton, Young, Cable and Hughes at 3Ride Bmx Shop Vancouver from Odyssey


If you’re near Vancouver in Canada, get yourself to 3Ride Bmx Shop on the 11th of September (Thursday) to meet Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton, Gary Young, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes.

Please note, this is the Vancouver 3Ride location.

Be there!

18 Aug Mat Houck & Justin Simpson – Mutiny in Philadeplphia from Odyssey

Mat and Justin join the Mutiny team on a trip to Philadelphia. The whole crew came back with this solid video. Keep your eyes peeled for Mat to kick a candy bar out of the most unexpected things and Justin to annihilate every rail in sight.

15 Aug Aaron Ross – MotoRoss! from Odyssey

Aaron Ross is still the boss and his new video part from Sunday is perfect proof. He makes oppo tricks look regular and he’s been putting his freecoaster into good use by bringing the rail game to a new level.

15 Aug Tom Dugan Answers Your Questions from Odyssey

Tom Dugan Answers Your Questions – More BMX Videos

Click play to watch Dugan answer your questions!

9 Aug [RE UP] Gary Young for Odyssey from Odyssey

Here’s a RE-UP of Gary’s incredible ODSY VISION that dropped earlier this year. In case you missed it the first time, eyeball this right now. Legend.

4 Aug What’s Tom Dugan Thinking? from Odyssey

Listen to all the thoughts that goes on in Tom’s head when he’s getting loose on a high air. I don’t know about you, but this kind of makes me want to see a video series where Tom just narrates wild clips from his life.

4 Aug Vans US Open 2014 – Hawk, Young and Dugan! from Odyssey

Our dudes absolutely killed it at Vans US Open. Gary Young took home first place in the overall contest, Chase Hawk got second while also winning the best line award, and Tom Dugan swooped up highest air. Watch the video from Ride BMX for all the highlights.

31 Jul Back to School 2014 Softgoods – Available Now from Odyssey


Our Back to School 2014 lineup of softgoods are available now. Hit up your local bike shops, favorite mail orders or our online store if you want to look good!


Top Left: Aaron Ross in our Galaxy Slugger.
Top Right: Matt Houck in our Monogram Raglan.
Bottom Left: Matt Houck in our Monogram Tee.
Bottom Right: Aaron Ross in our Interlock Tee.