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31 Jul Back to School 2014 Softgoods – Available Now from Odyssey


Our Back to School 2014 lineup of softgoods are available now. Hit up your local bike shops, favorite mail orders or our online store if you want to look good!


Top Left: Aaron Ross in our Galaxy Slugger.
Top Right: Matt Houck in our Monogram Raglan.
Bottom Left: Matt Houck in our Monogram Tee.
Bottom Right: Aaron Ross in our Interlock Tee.

29 Jul Ride to Glory 2014 from Odyssey


Odyssey (and, well, everybody else) kicked off Ride to Glory today at Rom Skatepark. Pretty typical day 0 for us… the US guys flew in, the UK guys met up, and we all chilled. Heavy crew: Sean Sexton, Broc Raiford, Mike Taylor, Lloyd Wright and Matt Nordstrom are all here to ride and fire out challenges with reckless abandon. With Broc winning the flat rail challenge, we’re well on our way to complete and total challenge domination. – Walter Pieringer

Make sure to hit up the Ride UK Website for all the updates. Day 2 is a wrap and the crew is hitting up Bristol tomorrow.

29 Jul Chase Hawk – Etnies Marana OG Promo from Odyssey

This spot looks incredible to begin with but Chase Hawk riding it makes it that much better.

25 Jul ODYSSEY CHICAGO by Full Factory

New Odyssey video featuring Tom Dugan, Grant Germain, Matt Nordstrom, Aaron Ross and Jared Swafford. Enjoy!

24 Jul ODSY VISION: Odyssey Chicago from Odyssey

Chicago: known for wind, hotdogs, pizza, Michael Jordan, the Bean, and apparently really good spots. All of that except the wind sounded good to us, so to Chicago we headed with Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Grant Germain, Matt Nordstrom, and Jared Swafford. We posted up in a fancy loft and hit the streets every day for a week, and this is what we came up with. Chicago is awesome.

Video by Walter Pieringer.

22 Jul Grant Germain in Southern California from Odyssey

New Grant Germain action from the streets of Southern California. Filmed/Edited by Francis Castro.


22 Jul FANG and La Guardia Sprockets Available Now! by Full Factory

New Odyssey sprockets are available now!

Tom Dugan signature “FANG” sprocket and full guard “La Guardia” are in and shipping. Call us up or click HERE.

Click the images to see the sweetness BIG.

22 Jul Chase Hawk – Print Ad / Wallpaper from Odyssey

If you know what’s good for ya, save and set this as your wallpaper.

21 Jul Common Crew & Friends at Full Factory from Odyssey

The Common Crew and some close affiliates came by the Full Factory ramps for some good times and to shred the grind boxes and rails. Watch the vid. Enjoy.

11 Jul CRACKLE IS COMING! by Full Factory

These new “Crackle” Twisted PC’s will be in next week (along with other rad new stuff) and we’re taking backorders now. Don’t miss out!

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