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6 Sep Deven Ferrer @ Full Factory Ramps by Full Factory

Mutiny’s Deven Ferrer stopped by our ramps in Southern California for a little session. Check it out.

21 Aug New Sunday Thundercoaster Wheel! by Full Factory

We’ve got the new Sunday THUNDERCOASTER wheels in stock. This wheel features Sunday’s aftermarket Thunder rim laced to a freecoaster hub that utilizes the widely used KHE-style clutch internals for reliability. Get the kids coasting at an affordable price ($219.99 retail).

Call us up or click HERE.

7 Aug Brand New Product In Stock! by Full Factory

We’ve got a whole bunch of new product in stock along with some re-stocked items.

Hit up your Full Factory rep if they don’t get to you first.

21 Jul Common Crew at Full Factory by Full Factory

Common Crew and Friends: Grind Boxing – More BMX Videos

Watch the Common Crew shred our rails and grind boxes.

13 Jun VAN PEG PROMO by Full Factory

Van Homan breaks down his signature peg and shreds some rails. Watch this promo, then hit us up to stock your shop up with some Gsport VAN PEGS!

You want the Van pegs.

Available now.


We’re opening up the Full Factory Ramps to the public! If you are in California (or close enough to drive), we hope to see you there. NO HELMET, NO RIDE.

Special thanks to Etnies for additional support.

Here’s a quick video from the last jam:

25 Apr Farewell, Full Factory Friends by Full Factory


As my last few days at Full Factory approach, I want to send out a thank you to all of the awesome shops I have been able to work with.  The past four plus years working at Full Factory have been a wild ride.  But like all good things, it has come to an end.  I would also like to say thanks to everyone in the Texas and California offices.  Thanks to all and catch you on the flip side!

-Bobby Parker


24 Apr New products for spring!! by Full Factory

We just received a bunch of awesome products just in time for spring!  Shipping now are the NEW Black Hawk and Black Keys tires.  These tires feature a black stripe along the sidewall that reflects a white color.  Available in the 2.2 and 2.4 widths in the Chase Hawk tire and the 2.1 and 2.35 in the Aaron Ross tire.  Back by popular demand, the “chrome” and “gold” metallic looking Twisted PC pedals make their triumphant return.  Also, the black and red swirl PC pedals are back in stock!  FINALLY!!  A Tripod seat post long enough for all of us who like to fly the flag pole!  200mm Odyssey Tripod posts are shipping now.  Call your favorite sales rep today to get your shop stocked up for spring time!


23 Apr Odyssey PRO headsets by Full Factory

The new PRO headsets from Odyssey are in stock and shipping now.  Featuring taller stack washers and precision sealed bearings, this new headset has some of the tallest stack height available.

22 Apr Gary Young Bike Check by Full Factory

Gary Young has a bike check up on the Sunday site.  Check out Gary’s shred sled.