31 May Texas Toast!! by Full Factory

The Texas Toast Jam has gone down in the history books as an amazingly fun filled weekend of BMX bikes.  Words can not describe how amazing the event was. I tried to have my camera constantly going while it had battery life. Here are some of the pictures I came up with over the weekend. I tried taking pictures of everything that was happening, but it was literally non stop riding everywhere from the moment the gates were open until the sun went down on both days. There was so much more to the weekend that I didn’t have my camera for. A big thank you goes out to Taj for his dedication and determination on pulling this event off. Nothing short of spectacular. Also, thanks to Steve Crandall and Darryl Nau for keeping everyone entertained all weekend!


The mastermind behind the monster that is The Gauntlet of Death, taking a nice cool dip in the hot Texas afternoon.

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